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access control & time attendance system

Access Control provides the ability to control, monitor and restrict the movement of people, assets or vehicles in, out and around a building or site. Access Control provides ‘owners’ with the ability to protect their people, assets and intellectual property. It also offers the unique identification of individuals or goods entering or leaving controlled zones within a building or site.

cctv surveillance cameras

Using digital technology, our CCTV systems are among the very best and most reliable camera systems available. Digital CCTV surveillance and recording offers many advantages to the end user, including: recording; faster image search and retrieval; archiving capabilities; instant playback; simultaneous playback, record and archive capability.

ip surveillance system

With a network camera, you can track every person that passes through a high security entrance. These are possible with the arrival of network camera. The most significant feature of the IP camera is that each camera can have its own integral DVR with Hi -Res video recording. This facility, coupled with the activity detection and video analytics package means that you only need record events that you wish to record.

fire detection system

The main advantage of installing fire alarms is the early warning benefit. The fire alarms can be installed just about any where in a commercial building and best of all the fire safety measure is highly cost effective for smoke and fire protection. Early warning is essential to effective fire safety because fires can occur anytime and any place. We highly recommend having fire alarms installed on every floor of your commercial business.

Toner Cartridge

Toner cartridges tend to be much bigger than standard inkjet cartridges which are present in inkjet printers. Although this is basically the most noticeable distinction, it is definitely not the only one. Regular inkjet cartridges consist of an ink blend which is dispersed onto the paper when you click print on your computer. Also, should you ever have a toner cartridge break or disassemble, take care not to breathe in the toner powder, as it is incredibly dangerous for your health. For this reason it is best not to use refill kits and to leave all your toner cartridge needs to professionals.


We are the fierce about the business of strategic consulting, application development and IT outsourcing. Our high-quality, value-added solutions and services make us an integral part of our clients business process. Using the proven methods of design, documentation, implementation, quality assurance, and communication, we are the company that understands the business of providing wide range of IT solutions and services.

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The facial recognize system, Multibio700-H is the most advance product made by Granding Technology, combined such as  newest facial and fingerprint recognition algorithm, optical sensors, embedded design technology, and software application, etc..  Multibio700-H is a multi-biometric identification […]



Features: 1.  2.8- inch touch screen, color display with graphical UI for easy operation. 2.  Up to 24 user-defined schedules that can activate on a daily bell alert (Optional) 3. […]


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